Thursday, November 24, 2016

Let's Procrastinate!

100 more words. Just 100 more words.
It’s a chant, a mantra. It’s something that I am constantly repeating during the month of November. Because November is NaNoWriMo, and I am one of the many fools who believe that they are writers and then decide to prove that claim by writing an insane amount of words in just 30 days. What am I thinking?
100 more words. Just 100 more words

The first year, it was fairly easy. 15,000 words in 30 days was a daunting task to the thirteen year-old who took three years to write 15,000 words before than. So, in I plunged, and 25 days later, I achieved my goal. The tale I spun was still incomplete (It still is), but it was full of possibilities. The world was created by my own hands, and I found I could build even further after that month. My characters took over by 7,000 words, but later I found them shallow and two-dimensional. And so I rewrote them, expanded upon them, until I could tell you who they are.

100 more words. Just 100 more words.

The second year was a little rougher. 20,000 words was my goal this time. I decided to rewrite that book that took me three years to write 15,000 words of. My characters and plot were already there, this should have been a breeze. Instead, I found myself starting it at least five separate times, and my plot got thrown out the window when my main character informed me that she was a lesbian. Day 30, I wrote 5,000 words worth of initiation and membership rituals which repeated the same format throughout, so I kind of cheated. But the important thing was that I had succeeded in my goal.

100 more words. Just 100 more words.

Third year. I pledged to write 30,000 words. My story created an entirely new world separate from our own. Fairies of all kinds flittered through it, and I was excited to write this story. It ended up, not only being told from my main character’s point of view, but her foster father’s and sister’s as well. Then of school, life and procrastination got in the way, leaving me with 10,000 words to write on the last day. I succeeded. 11:38 PM on November 30, I won. 10,000 completely unique words were written that day, and I swore never to let that happen again.

100 more words. Just 100 more words.

Then, there’s this year. I have taken my story into the afterlife and investigated my image of Heaven as well as my feelings towards it. What resulted was a lonely, sarcastic main character who just wanted to do something other than sit there for eternity in a never-changing place. As I write this, I have seven days left. My goal is 40,000 words. I have written a grand total of 8,856 words. Hehe, oops. To be honest I blame school, and the fact that I am not motivated outside of school.

100 more words. Just 100 more words.
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1,000 more words. Just 1,000 more words.

This was written for the Sims Short Story Challenge. The prompt was 100. Hopefully y'all enjoyed.
Word Count: 532
Screenshot Count: 12